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I was looking for a place to go to help me be more objective, more skillful, and less reactive. I found it!


Toni Lynn Chinoy

Toni Lynn Chinoy started her career as a math and physics teacher, first at the high school level, and later teaching University classes in Germany. Later she added a masters degree in Business. While this is different from the more typical executive coach with a degree in Psychology, what makes the biggest difference is her focus on combining an analytical approach along with teaching others how to access and improve their intuitive skills.

Toni learned through 27 years of coaching that people almost always know the right answer to their problems. What they need is clarity. The intuitive part of the brain is much better at sorting variables with an understanding of how to weight them than the analytical part of the brain. Why is that? Because the intuitive brain is more inclusive and does not discard seemingly irrelevant data.

The trick is to learn how to access this capability and then to create a logical path which others can follow once you have determined the optimal path forward.

Spending years on identifying techniques to help others develop accuracy in accessing and then utilizing intuitive information, Toni is able to help you through questions specifically designed to send you to that part of your brain. She uses these techniques in her many books as well her training programs, which you may experience in the three levels of membership on this site.

There is no substitute however, to working with her directly to determine your own prowess in developing these skills. Consider the Atlas level of personal coaching if you want to learn and apply the use of your intuitive for the rest of your life.