You and Lucky YOU!
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I was looking for a place to go to help me be more objective, more skillful, and less reactive. I found it!


Level I: Ideas

Do you find that you respond well to well presented thoughts?

You go back to the same book because it always makes you think differently about your problems?

You like simple, easy approaches to help you think straight about the most common problems like dealing with bullies and control freaks, making good personal and career decisions, sending the right message with your communications, etc.

This program is exactly what you are looking for. What can you expect if you sign up for this membership?

  • a weekly newsletter with Toni's thoughts on common issues: See sample 
  • access our forum which offers answers posed by people like yourself.
  • Pose one email question per month directly to Toni Lynn Chinoy
  • Get access to our blog with easy to read and process situations. This is your guide to the Quick Fix!





Level II: Me! Me! Me! $49 per month

For those who like to know how the watch was made! This level is a true education into unique ways to solve problems, both professional and personal. Based on 27 years of research into how we learn and multiple texts published by Toni Lynn Chinoy, we bring you access to training and methods for attacking issues. We are known for effectively helping you to combine your intuitive as well as analytical problem solving skills to achieve optimal solutions.

This membership option offers serious heavy lifting resources for your ongoing approach to evolving into a powerful human. Click here to get the specifics. tank

 Level III: Hello Atlas! $2000 per month

Yes, you read it correctly! This option is what has built our business with leaders in Fortune 500 companies! If you have been seeking your own personal coach and have decided that Toni Chinoy is the one for you, this is the option you should pursue. Keep in mind, this option comes on a limited basis. There are only so many hours in a day.

Whatever the issues, having a trained, skillful person to help you sort and decide is how we made our business successful over 27 years. For details, click here: atlas