You and Lucky YOU!
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I was looking for a place to go to help me be more objective, more skillful, and less reactive. I found it!


Hello Atlas!

Perhaps you are determined to advance your career, change the direction of your business, or determine just the right mix for how you spend your energy. This option is how our corporate clients change their destiny and the destiny of their businesses.

That's a lot to say about a coaching process. Yes, it is. You will see quotes from our clients below, so do not make up your mind prematurely.

First: Why can we claim these kind of results? Because we do not do things the way other coaches do. To understand, you must consider the history of our founder. Click here to get up to speed:Toni Lynn Chinoy

Second: You get one on one attention with face to face visits and bi-monthly phone calls to help you process in real time.

Third: Everything we teach has been tested for decades in very intense, often cut-throat environments.

Fourth: You are learning coping skills that help you control your emotional responses to tough people and tough times that will serve you for a life time. You learn how to respond to critical moments with Grace.

Let's face it. It is one thing to read or hear about different ways to successfully negotiate difficult situations. It is quite another to access an individual who has successfully taught these techniques in the actual moment. The learning is enhanced by real time application!

What's included:

  • Quarterly Visits with TLC in one of our retreat locations
  • 24 one hour phone calls
  • Our weekly newsletter delivered to your email address
  • A copy of four of our books

In other words, you will spend a lot of time with one of the most effective, best known executive coaches in the business. You choose whether you wish to work on your business or your personal life or both.