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I was looking for a place to go to help me be more objective, more skillful, and less reactive. I found it!



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We hope this will be your favorite page. We will be uploading training programs, short audio and video on a regular basis. We choose what to add based on what seem to be common themes. You will find audios on how to handle your least favorite bullies, how to make your presentation better, how to stare down trouble and others...make yourself at home and have some fun!

Some of these offerings will have small charges. Some are free. enjoy! The free ones are to tease you. We think you will find value in all the content, but you may need to get to know us!

Do you want to know how to get BIG IMPACT for small changes in your behavior? Read this excerpt from our newest book:Small Change: Big Impact


Our first audio is about bullies. It's FREE!

This audio is about 8 minutes and has a wealth of info if you are confronted with a bully. If you can see the forward arrow, click it (Firefox will not show the arrow so there is a link posted for anyone who uses firefox.)

We just ran our first full day THINK LIKE CHEETAH!


How did it go? Some comments below:

  • "You made me take the time to reflect on how I interact with others and how I might be more effective and less frustrated.  I'll keep working on the intuition.  Maybe I've become too used to second guessing myself. Thank you very much for all the insight and recommendations.  No doubt they will serve me well in the challenges ahead. " 
  • "What a great day that was. I can't thank you enough! I even had a couple of "universe or spiritual" influences that were quite significant later in the day that I will pass on when I see you next.

    Too coincidental right after your session, so I am even more of a believer now."
  • "appreciate all your valuable inputs."
  • "This content is so needed right now!!" 
  • This is exciting and different.
  • "I was thinking of all the people I know who need this!"

Audio: How to Respond to a Bully!